A quiet weekend

Did you have a good weekend? I hope so. Ours didn’t really turn out the way we’d expected it to. We had lots of lovely plans, including lunch with my dad and his girlfriend on Saturday – but then, on Friday evening, my daughter came down with a cough and a cold. Kids eh?! They can be fine one minute and full of snot the next!

So anyway, on Saturday morning, after a measly three hours of broken sleep, I rolled out of bed and made the ‘Sorry, we’re going to have to cancel’ call to my dad. We were sad to miss out on pizza (we’d got a table booked at Zizzi’s) and my daughter’s (understandably) been a bit tired and cranky, but there’s something nice about having an excuse to spend two whole days at home, not really doing very much.

Inevitably, there was time spent playing with My Little Ponies and dressing up. We also played with some of the many toys my daughter had received for Christmas, including a board game that was still in its wrapper! Oh, and we made some fabulous paper stars using a template I found on sewyeah.co.uk. They’re really intended as Christmas decorations, but we used non-festive paper and they look great propped up against one of the pictures in our house!

So not the weekend we had planned, but I think we made the most of it – and, of course, we caught up on some much needed sleep…zzzzz!

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